Foal Season

It’s the start of Foal Season. This means cute photos of foals. Stay tuned for all my upcoming albums! Foals are so much fun to take pictures of as they are both energetic and curious. Spending time playing with these youngsters, and taking pictures is a joy.

The foals here are all KWPN jumpers, looking to gain fame and fortune in the show-jumping world.

Rachel posing for the camera after trying to eat the camera. Canon 6d 70-200mm 1/2000 ISO 200 f/4.0

foal season rachel
Rachel again showing some moves.

Foal Season

Red Wine. Canon 6D sigma 150-600mm 1/2500 f/5.6 ISO 200
Foal Season
My Way and foal Rebel. Canon 6d 70-200mm 1/2000 ISO 200 f/4.0

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