Thrifting in Normandy: A Weekend Haul

What goes on behind the scenes of an online vintage store? Let me show you! SO after my post about brocantes in France, I wanted to share my latest vintage finds that will be going on my etsy store very soon!

Vide Grenier Season

Vide Grenier Season is in full swing. By this, I mean that there are more happening thanks to the arrival of summer and the warmer weather. As I mentioned before, you can stay updated with where the local brocantes and sales are with brocabrac. This last weekend has been a busy one for me with several large local vide greniers and glorious sunshine.

For those unfamiliar with the terms, here is a quick refresher:

Vide Grenier – Car boot sale (literal translation empty attic)
Vide Maison – Yard sale (literal translation empty house)
Brocante – Second-hand store, mainly antiques
Depot Vente – Second-hand store from house clearances

vintage interior design items. Including french vintage enamel and brass. Thrifting in Normandy
A sneak glimpse of my vintage haul!

Onto the Haul!

Even if I don’t buy anything I have so much fun going around vide greniers and brocantes and having a little chat with the people there. This week I ended up at 4 different places searching for goodies and haggling the best prices. Here are some of the items I bought!

 a vintage mirror
Collectible designer mirror featuring a Vogue cover from 1918

Currently, mirror decorations are my obsession. In particular the 1970s/80s collectible Vogue magazine cover frames. The latest addition is this stunning designer piece depicting Late April 1918. Most of the mirrors I come across like this have solid wood frames and a beautiful amount of detail.

Enamel pot with a variety of garden and wild flowers
A few plants from my garden in this beautiful enamel coffee pot

More fun finds are enamel jugs and coffee pots. I love using these as decorative pieces in the summer. It also gives me a great excuse to go around the garden and fields to find beautiful abundant wildflowers.

three vintage padlocks on a wooden surface
Vintage padlocks from the 1900s

Lastly, my favourite new find, vintage padlocks! Finding padlocks with keys are the ideal of course, but even without the key, these make for really cute decoration pieces.

All the above items will be available on my Etsy store in the following week! If there are any items, in particular, you are searching for, drop me a message.

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