Bicolour, piebald, skewbald Horses Preset Bundle


18 Desktop and Mobile Lightroom Presets made specifically for horses of bicolour, skewbald or piebald coats.


18 Desktop and Mobile  EQUINE PRESETS

* 18 Lightroom & Photoshop Presets (XMP) (DNG)
* PDF instructions guide.

Boost your images in a single click!

* Compatible with MAC & PC

* Compatible With the Free Lightroom Mobile App & Lightroom Software.

* No professional knowledge of Adobe Lightroom is needed

*Customer support

* Instant Download

Please Note:
These presets are created out of personal preference and artistic values. Each preset has been created by a professional photographer to look great with a wide variety of images. However, please keep in mind that results may vary with each photo depending on the lighting, tones, and settings of the original photo. After applying the preset, you may find that some minor adjustments are needed. In most cases, all you need to do is adjust the exposure.


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