Books to Get You Ready for Spooky Season

Coffee, check, comfy sweater, check, and a good book?

This Hockey Pod (Blog edition): 2022 NHL Playoff Predictions

Hello everyone! After debating meticulously over whether or not we get our own domain for This Hockey Pod, we decided that we would use Molly’s platform first to see how interested everyone is before launching a dedicated site! Please let us know via Twitter or in the comments what your thoughts and feelings! If youContinue reading “This Hockey Pod (Blog edition): 2022 NHL Playoff Predictions”

An Exciting Update…

To all my readers, friends, and followers, Over the years this blog platform has been a way to share my thoughts, feelings, and experiences. From a project to keep me going through uni and share my photography, it has grown to share with you my travel and lifestyle and be a general home to myContinue reading “An Exciting Update…”