Aleksandr Rodchenko: Photography is Art

In all forms of art, there are masters that serve as inspiration, some well-known, others not so much. For me, Aleksandr Rodchenko is one of the main artists that attracted me to photography as an art form, rather than a documentation tool. About Born in Russia in 1891, Rodchenko was one of the pioneers ofContinue reading “Aleksandr Rodchenko: Photography is Art”

Snapshots #17: Back in Black (and White)

One can not begin to explain how excited one is now the hellish cold of winter has thawed and the promise of summer is heating our frozen souls…. So why not celebrate with all the photoshoots around the beautiful city of Ottawa! I am very lucky to have a great model friend to join meContinue reading “Snapshots #17: Back in Black (and White)”