Hi, So I’m Briony-Molly, Briony for short, B for shorter…

I am your standard cynical Brit, with a love of sarcasm, fondness for cats and addiction to a strong cup of Earl Grey  fulfilling cup of French Vanilla.

Currently I’m coasting on my freelance photography and writing while at Algonquin College in Ottawa studying Interactive Media Management.

This blog is all about my experiences with Life, the Universe and Everything – mainly focusing on Lifestyle, Sport, Travel and Photography, as these are the main aspects of my life.

If you are looking for something more politically inclined go visit the blog I designed and co-managed here! (@425rising)

Give me a good book, an independent coffee shop and my imagination.

For those who are interested in where I’ve moved to and from here’s the journey so far:
High Wycombe, England
Aberystwyth, Wales
Saint-Jean-du-Corail, France
Ottawa, Canada

Thanks for visiting and have an amazing day!


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