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Briony-Molly as an online space appeared on the internet in 2016 following a 3-year stint as a photography business on Facebook. Over the years the platform has grown from a mere photography blog to an insight into my passions in life and helped me with issues I feel many mid-20s Millenials face such as identity, health and wellness, lifestyle, and finding themselves in a world that is as complex as themselves.

Let me introduce myself, I am Briony-Molly the face behind the ramblings and the camera. I am one of those Millenials who has been left behind by life, still searching for my real raison d’etre, making friends, and learning every day. I am currently living in Normandy, France making my way through stacks of books, heaps of tea, and finding the balance between work and living.

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For working collaborations. This includes guest postings, book reviews, and copy. If this is something you are interested in please contact me!