Hi, I am Briony-Molly, an eccentric, eclectic female in her mid-20s.  As a freelance Interactive Media Consultant, I have a wide interest in pretty much everything creative, however I mainly write about Photography, Lifestyle, and Travel, so stick around if any of those floats your goat.

My main loves in life are my camera, my various animals, the unhealthy obsession with houseplants and reading with a good hot beveragino.

Currently, I am living in Normandy, France, and have lived in Ottawa, Canada, and come from a very generic midsummer murder-esque village in the UK.

At university, I studied International Politics and Military History at undergrad and Interactive Media Management at post-grad. 2020 has seen me finish up a level 5 TEFL certification meaning that I can now teach English! I plan on pursuing more education, maybe even a pHD, but that is a future me problem as it’s time to enjoy the now!

Thanks for sticking around and have a fabby day!