I’m Briony-Molly, thats Briony or Molly, I respond to both.
I hail from Buckinghamshire – UK, but have spent a decent amount of time living in Aberystwyth – Wales, Mortain-Bocage – France and currently Ottawa – Canada. To quote one of the most hated interview questions, what three words would describe yourself, I’d say: Eclectic, Eccentric and Effervescent. (Like Fancy Imported Prosecco.)

Anything Camera based is my preferred profession, photography, videography, lumograpy… But I also dabble in graphic based design, animation, motion graphics as well as front end web design/development. Adobe Creative Suite is my preferred working base and me and Adobes are very familiar with each other now after 5+ years of continued usage. (Interactive PDF Portfolio )

This blog based website is partly self-indulged writing and partly portfolio. My main writing themes are based on my life-experience, from sports, travel, lifestyle and photography. Within lifestyle I talk about my health from diet, exercise to mental health and challenges I face.

Contact Me

email: brionymolly@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brionymollyphoto/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brionymolly/
Let’s make something beautiful.


Current Media  Projects:

A politically oriented blog managed by myself and others to share a unique viewpoint on the world of political theory. Branching from current events to political aesthetics, philosophy and International Relations.


Previous Projects and Publications:

Discover Year
Producing interactive material for the Ottawa based gap year program, mainly photo and video.

Mid-Wales Oval Zone Magazine
Photography of Welshpool Rugby Club 2016/17 season

MidWales Oval Zone

Archery GB Magazine
AberArchers Clout Shoot 2015









If you have any events coming up in the Ottawa area where you need someone to cover with video, photo, content writing, copyrighting or editing feel free to contact me!

Thanks for visiting and have an amazing day!