Hi, I am Briony-Molly, an eccentric, eclectic female in her mid-20s.  I mainly write about Photography, Lifestyle, and Travel, so stick around if any of those floats your goat. As a person with severe Rheumatoid Arthritis, the day to day is far from mundane, and simple whimsical things such as travel become difficult, difficult, lemon difficult. Yet, I persevere on and share my findings and failures here on my aptly named blog.

Currently, I am living in Normandy, France, and have lived in Ottawa, Canada, and come from a very generic midsummer murder-esque village in the UK. Things I like I write about, but things I don’t write about include an unhealthy obsession with cats, tea, and house plants.

At university, I studied International Politics and Military History at undergrad and Interactive Media Management at post-grad. I am still a huge IP and military history fan, co-authoring a politics and International Relations blog with my friend Nick, so if that’s something you are interested in… click here!

Thanks for sticking around and have a fabby day!