As my blog suggests, I am Briony-Molly, so call me Briony or Molly as I respond to both.

I’m originally from Buckinghamshire, a small county on the small island of Great Britain but currently, reside in the capital of Canada. Not Toronto, or letter C, in fact, I live in Ottawa. During my 25 years here on the planet I’ve done a few things, seen a thing or two and that’s where this blog comes in. I couldn’t decide a niche to write about so I decided to write about my life and my experiences. That is literally anything from photography to sports, to traveling, living with a chronic illness to what I like to read and eat. So stick around if you like a little bit of everything.

Apart from this eccentric blog, I do work freelance in media, so that’s anything animation, photo, video, graphics or web-based, if you want to see any of my work, please contact me via my LinkedIn and I can share my portfolio and may a virtual cup of tea.

Thank you so much for coming to my blog, enjoy yourself, grab a cuppa and read a post or two! If you really enjoy it, give me a like or a follow and I’ll try and return the favour.

Have an excellent day!