In terms of video I have a few individual projects I have worked on below as well as some professional work with sports clubs. Below are some of my individual projects.

In terms of project management, I have been involved in several video based projects including work for Ottawa based Blair Court Community House and France based La Merie.


Sports Photography Demo Reel
Canon 6D, 7Dii with Adobe After Effects, Photoshop and Premier
Aberystwyth, UK

“Walking and Waterfalls”
Lumix G7
Gatineau Park, QC

“Skimming Stones”
Lumix G7
Lac Phillipe, Gatineau Park, Canada


“How To Enjoy Winter”
Canon 6D
Ottawa, Cumberland Beach and Gravenhurst – Ontario, Canada


Promotional Video Made for La Merie
Lumix G7
Saint-Jean-du-Corail, Normandy, France