Student Life and Sport

Balancing Student Life and Sport is a fine art. University requires long hours of study and lectures. But you can’t be sititng around all day.

It’s been a while since now since I was riding every week and seeing all these horse shows and posts from my friends with horses have me craving to get back into the saddle again.

There’s something about riding, albeit a little hack, schooling, or competing that no other sport can offer – and I’m not talking about the smell of horse, leather, and manure. All sports give you muscle aches at first but there isn’t anything like a horse riding ache. Unless of course, it’s a throbbing head from going head first into the wall, floor, or jump from a particular fall.

Unfortunately like a lot of activities horse riding is a big spend, not just on lessons but the equipment you need such as a proper hat, proper fitting boots, jodhpurs, and comfy clothing in general. It’s now at the tender age of 21 I realize the amount of time, money, and effort my parents put into my passion for everything horsey. As a student, it’s hard to balance finances for living with the bare minimum of a roof overhead and super noodle meals, let alone factor in the cost of any extra activity that is bound to make that extra step into the overdraft.

Student Life and Sport

As a student, however, there are perks, especially being at Aberystwyth University. The University has top-quality riding facilities as well as a lovely riding club. It is very affordable and offers opportunities such as discounted lessons and long hacks in the Rheidol valley, Cardigan Bay and on the beach. If this isn’t worth the extra strain I don’t know what is. (They also have excellent socials.)

Another bonus of being in Mid-Wales is the number of stable yards. It does help to have a mode of transport as the villages and towns are spaced few and far between. But offer great facilities not just for horse riding but for all sports including skiing, kite surfing, water sports, and most match-orientated sports.

Still even without the actual participation, spectating and improving my photography skills still gives me that excited lilt on life that appeared to be missing.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to get back into the saddle by September and pick up the reins from where I left off as an overexcitable girl, teenager, and now young adult.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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